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Lipitor and Pravachol

By Marucs S. Ettinger DC, BSc.

First of all, if you are presently taking a “statin” type cholesterol lowering drug you may be doing more harm than good. Lipitor and Pravachol in the most comprehensive study to date (18 months 654 patients) found that: yes, it did bring the numbers down (ON PAPER) but in the arteries where it counts (LIFE OR DEATH) the Lipitor only reduced the harmful plaque by a fraction of 1% and (GET THIS) the Pravachol actually increased the plaque by almost 3%. (NICE!) Your numbers are low, your doctor is happy and you’re happy. All the while you’re actually increasing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and/or dying.

Ignored fact by the medical establishment:
These drugs block cholesterol production in the body by inhibiting the enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase in the (THE BIG WORDS REMOVED FOR YOUR PROTECTION) pathway. This same pathway is also shared by CoQ10 (a required chemical needed for life and available as a nutritional supplement). Therefore, one unfortunate consequence of statin drugs is the unintentional inhibition of CoQ10 synthesis. Thus, in the long run, statin drugs could predispose the patients to heart disease by lowering their CoQ10 status, the very condition that these drugs are intended to prevent.

Another ignored fact by the medical establishment:
CoQ10 enzyme is responsible, in the body for nerve growth (Brain, spinal chord, and electricity to the heart). When the body’s CoQ10 is too low, nerves begin to die and one experiences tingling, numbness, cramps, and even brain damage.) If you are having nerve pain or muscle cramps you must start taking CoQ10 and get off statins, because the nerve damage can become permanent. (Or you may die which ever comes first).

And now another ignored fact by the medical establishment:
“Special Warnings about These Types of Drugs (statins)”:
There is a slight chance (How often is slight?) of liver damage from Lipitor, so your doctor may order a blood test to check your liver function before you start taking the drug, again 6 weeks and 12 weeks after you begin therapy or when your dosage is increased, and every 6 months thereafter (Does he/she do that?). If the tests reveal a problem, you may have to stop using the drug. (Really!)

And another ignored fact by the medical establishment:
Drugs like Lipitor have occasionally (Is that more or less than slight?) been known to damage muscle tissue, so be sure to tell your doctor immediately if you notice any unexplained muscle tenderness, weakness, or pain, especially if you also have a fever or feel sick. Your doctor may want to do a blood test to check for signs of muscle damage. (That’s nice)

And another ignored fact by the medical establishment:
“Most Important Fact about This Drug”:
Lipitor is usually prescribed ONLY IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diet, exercise, and weight loss fail to bring your cholesterol levels under control. IT’S IMPORTANT!!!!!!! to remember that Lipitor is a supplement, not a substitute for those other measures. To get the full benefit of the medication, you need to stick to the diet and exercise program prescribed by your doctor. (Did your doctor give you a diet? Did you even try the diet? Did you try exercising for even a day?)

And the last but not the least ignored fact by the medical establishment:
According to Dr. Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and an academic geneticist from Duke University in North Carolina, “Fewer than half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs are benefited at all”. “The vast majority of drugs – more than 90 per cent – only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people.” (So even if you are taking medication you only have a 30-50% chance of it working anyway. You have better odds in Vegas).


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