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Alex’s skin condition

I would like to add my voice to the many who’ve no doubt had symptoms improve or disappear after beginning a regimen of Dr. Marcus Ettinger’s “Health Shake”.

My now 12-year-old daughter had suffered with a “rash” on the back of her legs for approximately 4 years. This rash spread from a single two-inch diameter on one leg, to four-five inch, red, raw inflammations appearing on the thighs and calves of both legs. Over that time period, this rash was attributed to – and treated for – everything from contact dermatitis, to eczema, to shingles.

Although we brought this rash to the attention of five or six pediatricians and dermatologists we saw no appreciable improvement. Up until treatment by Dr. E., my daughter had been using topical steroids (with warnings), special Rx soaps, and other medical products to occasional improvement (or more appropriately, containment), but certainly no “cure”.

After adding a ‘health shake’ to her breakfast (to which Dr. E. has added one or two more items specifically for my daughter) the rash has not only disappeared – even the scarring/brown skin discolorations have faded into her natural skin tone over a 3-month period. I was sure she would carry permanent scars from this 4-year-episode.

Despite confounding numerous other health professionals, I don’t believe Dr. Ettinger’s success was either accident or miracle: I do believe it stemmed from a thorough understanding of the whole-body approach to health, and a profoundly extensive knowledge of the nutrients and substances that our bodies require to run-well.

I cannot express how strongly I recommend Dr. E’s “Health Shake”; other than to tell you, that it is now apart of my entire family’s Daily dietary regimen.

Thank you! 🙂

Candace Henderson


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To all that this does concern,

For more than twenty years I suffered from what medical doctors have been unable to diagnose… very painful splitting and cracking of the skin on the fingers of both hands.  I had reconciled the dilemma, other than to continue to pray for a miracle.  My prayers were answered by Dr Marcus Ettinger. Within twenty-four hours after using the nutritional supplements recommended–the pain was gone! I was amazed, I was excited.  In fact, within five days my hands were totally healed.  There is no sign or indication whatsoever that the malady that had plagued me for what seemed like an eternity.

It is my particular wish that others now suffering from any kind of illness or affliction will find there way to Dr. Marcus Ettinger.  A man truly equipped with extraordinary abilities and insight.

Melvin S.
Long Beach, CA

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I brought my 10 year old son Neil in to see Dr. Ettinger due to a severely dry skin condition, which at the time covered his entire body.

He has had the condition from birth, and consequently I had tried numerous types of treatment over the years. Neither my family physician, nor an allergist, or even an herbalist were able completely cure the condition.

I also began to research the problem myself and tried other types of holistic therapies.  When creams, lotions, prescription medication, and aroma therapy did not work, I resigned myself to the fact he would simple have to live with the condition, and we would do what we could to help keep it under control. That is until I found him crying in his room one day, because the other children at school were teasing him over his skin.

As a last resort, I brought him into this office (Dr. Ettinger) to see if anything could be done.  After being tested nutritionally, he was put on a dietary and supplement plan which did begin to improve his skin. 

Within about a 2 ½ month period, Neil’s skin was completely clear.  Neil and I (his mother) are both surprised and very grateful for the very successful outcome.

Tracy Geozinger

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