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Don’t let the medical doctors fool you by giving you drugs!

I would like to thank Dr. Marcus Ettinger for explaining to me what arthritis really is and how it effects the body.  Basically arthritis is a build-up of toxins which settle in the joints and cause pain, inflammation, and stiffness.  To get rid of the arthritis you need to clean your body.

Dr. Ettinger taught me how to build a program to stop the arthritis that was attacking my body and  at the same time , build-up my immune system to such a high level, that I would be heal.  In fact, my arthritis was so bad that it ate my bone/joints in my toes, which caused permanent deformities.  The good news is that as my immune system slowly rebuilds, my bones are healing back-up.

Here are the steps that Dr. Ettinger discussed with me that has allowed me to cure my arthritis:

1. I Stop taking all medications, even aspirin.  Drugs only temporarily relieve the symptoms and weaken the immune system.  To get to the problem, you need to clean (detox) the body and let the immune system take over.

2. I ate only natural foods that have not been processed or refined.  I also added fresh vegetable juice, everyday, to my diet.

3. I received chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Ettinger, to help my body stay in alignment and keep my nervous system functioning properly.

4. I took the proper nutritional supplements (vitamins, herbs, and homeopathics)

5. I finished-up with a sauna detoxification program to help rid my body of any drug, medicine, or toxic residues.

Again I would like to thank Dr. Ettinger for showing me the right path toward another chance at a normal life.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Ettinger, I would still be taking useless medications and weakening my immune system.  At the rate my arthritis, known as Reiter’s Syndrome, was attacking my body, I would have been in a wheel-chair in a year or two.  Instead, I am almost 100% cured and it was all none naturally.

Dr. Ettinger has such a great knowledge of the human body that, I feel, he could help just about any condition the body could experience.

If anyone does not believe this letter than please read my story – Stop Arthritis: How I Defeated It Naturally

Thank you,

Alan Schlines


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Alex’s skin condition

I would like to add my voice to the many who’ve no doubt had symptoms improve or disappear after beginning a regimen of Dr. Marcus Ettinger’s “Health Shake”.

My now 12-year-old daughter had suffered with a “rash” on the back of her legs for approximately 4 years. This rash spread from a single two-inch diameter on one leg, to four-five inch, red, raw inflammations appearing on the thighs and calves of both legs. Over that time period, this rash was attributed to – and treated for – everything from contact dermatitis, to eczema, to shingles.

Although we brought this rash to the attention of five or six pediatricians and dermatologists we saw no appreciable improvement. Up until treatment by Dr. E., my daughter had been using topical steroids (with warnings), special Rx soaps, and other medical products to occasional improvement (or more appropriately, containment), but certainly no “cure”.

After adding a ‘health shake’ to her breakfast (to which Dr. E. has added one or two more items specifically for my daughter) the rash has not only disappeared – even the scarring/brown skin discolorations have faded into her natural skin tone over a 3-month period. I was sure she would carry permanent scars from this 4-year-episode.

Despite confounding numerous other health professionals, I don’t believe Dr. Ettinger’s success was either accident or miracle: I do believe it stemmed from a thorough understanding of the whole-body approach to health, and a profoundly extensive knowledge of the nutrients and substances that our bodies require to run-well.

I cannot express how strongly I recommend Dr. E’s “Health Shake”; other than to tell you, that it is now apart of my entire family’s Daily dietary regimen.

Thank you! 🙂

Candace Henderson

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21 August 2008

We all know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, unfortunately, neither was it restored.

With that in mind, in December 2007, I began what I envisioned would be the long and arduous task of “rebuilding” my health. With a long list of pains, symptoms – and prescriptions – I began to see Dr. Marah Cannon.

Dr. Cannon identified a list of infections and imbalances so long I was convinced it would take years, not months, to overcome.

I was wrong.

Within weeks I was “feeling” better. Within 4 – 6 weeks, analysis was proving my feelings justified.

By April, when I began working with Dr. Marcus Ettinger, I was determined to start eliminating prescription medication.  Zyrtec along with others – I’d been taking for 10 or more years, and I began eliminating them with increasingly “good health”! Today, I am blessedly, medication, side-effect free.

I’ve more energy and endurance, and my ‘normal’ awake/sleep requirements and habits have been restored; I start the day refreshed and energized, and times than not, I feel like my “old self”. My symptoms have nearly all disappeared. And when they revisit, I now understand why, and what I need to do: A monumental step in taking control of one’s own health.

Am I satisfied with results to date, absolutely! Do I have confidence in Dr. Ettinger’s approach to eliminating vs. ‘treating’ health problems, unconditionally!

In fact, Dr. Ettinger sees my pre-teen daughter. (A testament in-and-of-itself; I’ve been described as “fierce” where my daughter is concerned!) Our goal for her: Good nutrition, and good health – for life.

My goal? I’m still rebuilding – and studying Italian; I plan on visiting Rome soon.


C. Henderson

Orange Co., CA

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Dear Dr. Ettinger,

Thank you for saving my life. I have been searching for the source of my mysterious, multi-symptom illness for over 6 years. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars being treated and tested by many prominent specialists. None of whom could find the “why”. You were the one who finally told me what was happening with my body and started me on my road to recovery.

When you told me that it was my own body attacking itself because of my silicone breast implants, I couldn’t believe it. At your request, I went and had the tests you wanted done. Sure enough, they were positive for leaking silicone.

To make a long story short, I had my implants removed and started my detoxification program.

Thank you again for your guidance, being there for my many phone calls and helping me through my detoxification.

My deepest gratitude.


A.W. Woodland Hills, CA

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Dear Dr. Ettinger,

I am writing this letter to thank you for saving my life; it’s a letter to you any your clients.

As you know, in December of this year I came down with a prostate infection. So to cure this I went to my usual urologist for my treatment. I have done this often in the past. Now they have a new way to solve the problem. The old way was to place you on ten days of antibiotics, done deal. Well, now they place you on thirty days of antibiotics, which I feel is over-kill. So here’s what happened, twenty days in the program my immune system failed. I developed a kidney infection that was worse than the original prostate infection, and now I had to deal with both.

I came to you and with you expertise you solved my problem. I went on same natural products and followed your program which was totally sane. My system got stronger and both the kidneys and prostate are handled. Yes, your program is a little longer than the MD’s but your program solved the underlying problem and didn’t jus treat my symptoms.

Your friend,

Fred V.
San Clemente, CA

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To all that this does concern,

For more than twenty years I suffered from what medical doctors have been unable to diagnose… very painful splitting and cracking of the skin on the fingers of both hands.  I had reconciled the dilemma, other than to continue to pray for a miracle.  My prayers were answered by Dr Marcus Ettinger. Within twenty-four hours after using the nutritional supplements recommended–the pain was gone! I was amazed, I was excited.  In fact, within five days my hands were totally healed.  There is no sign or indication whatsoever that the malady that had plagued me for what seemed like an eternity.

It is my particular wish that others now suffering from any kind of illness or affliction will find there way to Dr. Marcus Ettinger.  A man truly equipped with extraordinary abilities and insight.

Melvin S.
Long Beach, CA

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Dear Dr. Ettinger,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done for me.

Before a dear friend referred me to you, I was in misery every day for more than a year.  I wasn’t eating, I would have at least 10-15 bowel movements a day always with blood and mucous present, plus I was very weak and tired.

I went to see medical doctors who put me through many tests sometimes even twice.  After five months, all the time my condition worsening, they told me it was ulcerative colitis and that there wasn’t much they could do, and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.  No one offered me any hope of ever leading a normal life.

When I first came to see you, you explained to me what and how the body could heal itself if given the chance.  I was so elated and was determined to get better.   Here I am six months later and I am 100% better. I have no symptoms and I feel better than I have ever felt before.

Dr. Ettinger, you have done what others have said would never happen.  I am totally back to my old self. Your methods of all natural substances and chiropractic are much less complicated than medical treatments and give undeniable results.  I can only hope that others with ulceratice colitis can find the strength, comfort and healing from you that I have.

You often say that I am one of your biggest success stories, well you are one of mine.


Deana Martin

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