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aig_logoBy Marcus Ettinger – WAKE-UP America and “please” pay attention to the fact that “your elected” politicians are flushing your future down the toilette .

“Insurance giant AIG to pay $165 million in bonuses before Treasury Department deadline.”   I am so disgusted and embarrassed that we have allowed this non-scenes to occur.   Out of 300 million people in the US, we have 299 million sheep following the Sheppard down the garden path.

Since when is validating and rewarding a down statistic (poor performer) more productive and right than rewarding and validating an up-sat (positive performer).   This present administration has and is setting a precedent that rewarding failure is a very good thing.  What lesson does that teach our children, and what message does that send to the rest of the industrialized world?  “Penalize the productive and reward the cheats” is our new 21st century mantra.

I apologize, this is not the forum for me to go further with this;  I just had to vent.  I truly hope that our present administration proves me wrong.  I seriously doubt that it will happen, but I will eat crow if it does.

I leave you with this, “don’t be a sheep, a follower, a lemming.  I am only one person out of 300 million, but they know who I am.  Do they know who you are?”

C1 Adjustment

C1 Adjustment

By Dr. Marcus Ettinger – …Once correction has been achieved, a client may choose to end their care all together or continue with periodic ‘wellness’ chiropractic adjustments.  “After 19 years as a chiropractor, I have found that over 90% of my clients who complete their Spinal Corrective Chiropractic Care (SCCC) choose to continue with chiropractic as part of their over-all wellness life-style.”

Wellness Chiropractic Care (WCC) is a bi-weekly or monthly chiropractic check-up and adjustment.  (WCC) has a goal and focus of spotting tiny problems and correcting them before they turn into big ones.  “On Earth we have this thing called gravity and our body is constantly being affected by it.  Work, play and bad postural habits can also affect our body in a negative way.  This constant insult to our nervous and musculoskeletal system can cause imbalances that if left unchecked can create dis-ease and pain within our body.  (WCC) is a very inexpensive and profound preventative medicine modality and will reap rewards beyond measure.”

My #1 Client

My #1 Client

This is a funny video about a serious issue.  I own a drug detox facility in Park City, Utah so I know, first hand, that  drugs are no joke.  I do feel that this video may make it easier for some people to confront this touchy subject, and maybe make the right decision to get off drugs or help someone on them.  Take a look.

If you have any questions about drug addiction or drug detox, please look us up at Park City Detox

Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc


Dear Doctor Ettinger,

I am trying to get pregnant and I am researching what nutrients my body will need extra amounts of.  I have done pretty well with my research so far but I have one last question regarding copper.  Is copper essential for pregnant women?

Thank you in advance,

Rachel Tomkins


Copper is an important trace mineral and is found in every tissue of the body.  Copper is especially high in the liver, heart, kidney and brain.  Copper is essential for the proper development (new cell formation) and maintenance of the heart, arteries and blood vessels; the skeletal and nervous systems.  Also, copper is used in the body to prevent anemia by controlling the storage and release of iron to form hemoglobin and healthy blood.  In addition, it is essential for energy production.

My recommendation is to not take additional copper (nutritional supplements) but rather eat copper rich foods.  Below is a list of foods that are great sources of the trace mineral copper.

Foods that possess high levels of copper are: Brazil nuts, cocoa, oysters, beef or lamb liver, blackstrap molasses, and black pepper. Foods that possess moderate levels include: avocados, nuts and sunflower seeds, lobster, green olives, and wheat bran.

Below is a write-up I like on copper and how it relates to pregnancy.  Good luck and let me know if you have any additional questions.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc

Copper is the Rodney Dangerfield of trace minerals – it gets no respect. For example, iron and calcium are touted as essential minerals during pregnancy, but researchers at the University of California, Davis state that copper is another mineral essential for normal pregnancy outcome. Copper deficiency during pregnancy results in numerous gross structural and biochemical abnormalities that affect free-radical defenses, connective tissue metabolism, and energy production in fetal tissues. Even marginal copper deficiency might contribute to the more than 50% of human conceptions that fail to implant, the 30% that implant but fail to reach term, and the 3% of births with serious congenital malformations.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998;67:1003-1011/1012-1016.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a very productive year. It’s the year of the ox, we have to do well.

I thought it would be a good idea for all of you to get a better idea of who I am inside and out side of my 12’x9′ treatment room. So here it is, all of my internet links and a commentary about our economy.

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My commentary on the state

of our current economic affairs:

I normally don’t do things like this, but I am finding it almost impossible to be quiet. I can’t sit on the side-lines anymore and watch good people go into agreement with the fear mongering media.

I am not a Nobel Laureate in economics. I am just a layman with a point of view I would like to share. First, I will NEVER gone into agreement with the news media on the state of our economy, or anything else for that matter. Yes, the economy sucks, I am not blind and I defiantly don’t need a newspaper to point out the obvious or the truth. With that said, our economy IS bad, but it’s FAR worse because of the way it’s downward slide has been nurtured by the media. If the population of the USA had all of their TV’s and newspapers removed from September 15th on, no one would know we were supposed to be in a recession (a little liberty taken here). All I am saying, is that things would not be as bad as they are if the population of the US, and now the world, hadn’t gone into complete apathy and agreement with the news media (I mean the merchants of chaos).

Here is what precipitated my commentary. I have had 4 patients, over the last 30 days, tell me that they have to stop coming in. These are sick people, who will remain sick if they stop coming in. When I asked:

“Did you or your wife lose your job?” NO!

“Did you have some kind of emergency where you lost or had to spend all of your savings?” NO!

“Are you making less money than you did a month ago?” NO!

“Than why can’t you come in?” Well, it’s the economy. It’s so bad now and….

“So nothing has changed in your environment, other than you have gone into agreement that the economy sucks and that you should contract, because that’s what the media says you should do, right?” Yes!

“Logical, NO!” “Reactive, YES!”

Don’t Go Into Agreement With It, Out Produce It.

PLEASE don’t go into agreement with the idea that “contraction” is the answer, it isn’t. PLEASE don’t go into agreement with the “doom and gloom” forecast the media is spewing out, on a minute-by-minute basis. An over-simplistic explanation for what is going on is the concept of “yin and yang.” Nothing will ever expand or contract indefinitely. An active effort to achieve a balance is a continuous phenomenon and IS always present. In the body, this continuous phenomenon is called homeostasis.

In the economics scene of the world, since the beginning of time, expansion was the answer to contraction (conquer a new land) and contraction occurred to reign in uncontrollable, non-sustainable expansion (decline of the Roman and British Empire). Presently, we are readjusting from an era of unsustainable, out of control growth. There was no-way possible we were ever going to keep-up with that type of growth. The sad part is that we’re all crying now because we went into agreement with the expansion (media here again) and over-extended our selves, with no safety-net. The other sad part is that we usually don’t like to take responsibility for our actions, we like to find a “fall-guy” (Bush, Wall Street, mortgage companies…?). We actually created these monsters, we allowed them to do what we wanted them to do, and that is: enable us to spend what we didn’t have and/or make 20+% return on our investments (Ponzi schemes). It’s a nice concept, but not too realistic in the long-run, and far more reactive than analytical.

The GOOD NEWS is that our nation and economy are both realigning, and we will be stronger and better for it. Now, not tomorrow, is the time for all of us to produce, outflow, help each other where we can, and NOT CONTRACT. I’ll bet a million bucks that the majority of you have or are presently realigning their spending and finances, that’s perfect. With everyone putting in the financial ethics, it will be a long time before we see times like these again. I hope.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please remember this is just my personal opinion and that’s it.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger

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