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brainMarcus Ettinger DC, BSc – A study released today, in the January 20 edition of Neurology, found that that out of 506 (older adults, average age 83), those who were more manic and introverted had the highest incidence of dementia, when the study concluded.

Researches who performed the follow-up testing found that out of the original 506, 144 had been diagnosed with dementia. The findings were independent of other factors such as gender, education level, genes or other health related conditions.

So my professional advice is this: If you are over the age of 60, are a hermit who yells at the cat all day, and curses the TV and the nightly news anchor woman about her hair style – You better calm down and get out of the house more. Go get a massage and go to beach. What a great prescription this would be for an MD to write, “Mr. Smith, please have this prescription filled. It’s for a vacation and some dance classes. Yes, it’s preventative, I now, but I am trying something new by not just treating symptoms. Please don’t tell the AMA about this.”

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